Pjur EnergizinGinko Lubricant 30ml

Pjur EnergizinGinko Lubricant 30ml

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Pjur Superhero Energizing Ginkgo lubricant is an ecologically formulated, water-based lubricant with Ginkgo. Ginkgo stands for expansion, power and energy.

Pjur® Superhero Energizing Ginkgo is a revolutionary lubricant with a 2 in 1 action. It has a high quality water base which you would expect from pjur®, which has Gingko added to it.

Gingko has been shown to increase and stimulate the blood flow and capacity to the penis allowing for a harder and more natural erection. Used in conjunction with pjur® Superhero Delaying Spray your love making can be longer and more enjoyable.

Gingko is a naturally occurring ingredient and in conjunction with high grade water is a high performance product. Condom safe and CE marked to give you peace of mind.

Enjoy a new way of erotic stimulation!

  • Condom safe.
  • No contraceptive,
  • Contains no spermicides.
  • Perfect in combination with Pjur Superhero Performance Spray for men.