Satisfyer Feel Confident Menstrual Cups - Clear

Satisfyer Feel Confident Menstrual Cups - Clear

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REUSABLE MENSTRUAL CUP - No more buying expensive and harsh disposable tampons and pads! The Feel Confident Menstrual Cup is reusable - not only good for your wallet, but great for the environment too!

HYGIENIC & BODY-SAFE - Made of medical-grade silicone, these menstrual cups are completely hygienic, 100% body-safe, and won't affect your delicate PH balance or natural fluids.

2 SIZES FOR LIGHT & HEAVY FLOWS - The Satisfyer Menstrual Cups come in a set of 2 cup sizes (15mL and 20mL) making them suitable for lighter and heavier flow days.

12 HOURS OF LEAK-FREE WEAR - The Satisfyer period cups can be worn safely for up to 12 hours (depending on flow) with no leaks!

EASY TO INSERT & REMOVE - Super soft and flexible, the Satisfyer Menstrual Cups are easy to fold and insert. And with the handy ring on the bottom, removal is simple!

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