Crazy Girl Intense Anal Ease

Crazy Girl Intense Anal Ease

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Anal Desensitizing Gel perfect for the beginner into anal pleasure or even the more advanced.

Desensitizing Gel for the Bum it doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or you’re an expert with anal enjoyment using a desensitizing gel can decrease any discomfort you may initially have with anal fun. Best of all it can assist in increasing your enjoyment!

Perfect for the beginner especially if you are a little hesitate with your first bum fun time. You need to relax your body as much as possible as the anal sphincter will clench if you are stressing out, so relax. Next you get the Crazy Girl Anal Ease and place a small amount around the area in a relaxed massaging way. You still need to relax and take your time and if you do you will enjoy the next level of intimate play time by yourself or with your lover.

If you’re an expert with bottom fun, you know that sometimes you may need a little extra assistance especially if you are using toys and going up a size. You already know to relax but why not try some gel to ease it a little more for you.

Benzocaine is found in topical pain reliever and can be found in many over-the-counter anaesthetic products.

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