Crazy Girl Sex Arousal Creme

Crazy Girl Sex Arousal Creme

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Arousal Crémes, gels, lotions and oils can assist in increasing your sexual appetite and pleasure.

Arousal Créme is ideal for any woman who would like to add a little more sizzle in their bedroom. Some women find their libido may decline every now and again and why not grab a crème that you just need a tiny bit to rub onto your vaginal area to get your desires going.

If you just want to increase your desires and your sensitivity to make those bedroom sessions really get hot and heavy and wild, add a little crème to the mix and off you go.


Methyl Salicylate is an organic species of plant used in fragrances.

Niacin is also an organic compound and makes up to Vitamin B

Smilax Aristolochinaefolia Root Extract – huge confusing name is a native to Mexico and is used in traditional medicine to treat many symptoms. It is a woody climer with tendrils coming from thin branches which is of course a natural ingredient.

Ginger Root Extract

Polysorbate 20