Fleshjack Jean-Daniel Chagall
Fleshjack Jean-Daniel Chagall

Fleshjack Jean-Daniel Chagall

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Incredibly realistic toys for men loving men comes the Jean-Daniel Chagall Swallow.

Get as close as you can to a blowjob from lifelike lips modeled right from J.D's mouth, and an irresistible inner texture that recreates the incomparable sensation of oral sex.

Created for intense pleasure, the SuperSkin sleeve boasts an orgasmic texture inside. As you enter, you'll feel the soft, clinging skin grip you tightly, guiding you through a tight, smooth canal that widens slightly into a straight channel lined in amazing ribs.

The Swallow texture was engineered to perfectly mimic the sensation of oral sex- to customize your blowjob even more, you can change up the amount of suction within the sleeve to bring the inner texture closer. Simply twist the cap at the very bottom tighter to increase suction and looser to ease up.