Spanish Fly 15ml

Spanish Fly 15ml

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Aphrodisiac Love Drops - 15ml (0.5oz) Drops
Put the spark back into your love making

  • Helps to increase sex drive and libido
  • Aphrodisiacal elixir to increase arousal
  • Suitable for any gender
  • Great for couples to enhance sex their life
  • Mix a few drops with your drink to consume
  • Simple, affordable and effective
  • Multiple uses from one bottle

Spanish Fly is an aphrodisiacal elixir made from the crushed body parts of the blister beetles Cantharis vesicatoria or Lytta vesicatoria and is purported to arouse those that ingest it. 

Put a few small drops of Spanish Fly into your drink and you can start to enjoy the effects within a few minutes. Have your partner take some too and get ready for a wild night of hot and heavy love making.