The Best Ever Illustrated Sex Handbook

The Best Ever Illustrated Sex Handbook

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Every long-term relationship can get stagnant after a while, and talking with your partner about how to resolve this isn't always the easiest thing to do.

This book has been developed by experts to provide the support you may need if experiencing relationship or sexual problems, or want to rediscover the passion and sensuality you enjoyed when first together. Here you will find some fantastic ideas for spicing up your love life - whatever the age of your relationship, from the first flush of spring to the golden years of a long partnership.

The different seasons of life and the effects they can have on your sexual feelings are sensitively explored, from settling down and starting a family, through mid-life crises to the menopause and beyond. There is a section highlighting some simple practices and techniques that can help you discover new pleasures and excitement, including sensual massage. More advanced techniques are explored with tips from the ancient sacred texts of the Kama Sutra and Ananga Ranga and through the practice of Tantric sex. The erotic link between food and sensuality is also featured with some fun ways of introducing food into sexual play.

A subject that touches all our lives is treated here with sensitivity, humour and panache. With over 200 beautiful photographs, The Best-Ever Illustrated Sex Handbook is intended to help everyone to maintain or rediscover the joyful fulfilment found in a satisfying love life.

About the Author

Judy Bastyra is an accomplished author who has written over 20 books on food, cookery and social issues for both children and adults. She co-wrote Love Bites with sex therapist Sandra Alexander, a book critically acclaimed for its sensitive treatment of the volatile subjects of sex and food. When not writing books, Judy works as a freelance journalist and has contributed to The Times, Company, Good Housekeeping, BBC Good Food, Homes and Gardens and The Big Issue among other publications.

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