Zolo Pocket Pool Sure Shot
Zolo Pocket Pool Sure Shot

Zolo Pocket Pool Sure Shot

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The Pocket Pool Susie Cue Masturbator is designed to deliver a harder, faster climax with its unique star-textured snug inner channel.

Simply open the case to reveal an egg-shaped sheath, featuring a smooth translucent white exterior and patterned interior.

Use to stroke the shaft, or place over the fingers or a suitable toy for penetration with extra stimulation.

Conveniently stretchy to accommodate a range of sizes.

Key Features

* Star-textured interior for harder, faster climax
* Easy to use
* Highly versatile for varied play options
* Use a stroker or over fingers or toys during penetration
* Stretchy to accommodate different sizes
* Lubricant included

Width: 2" (5.1 cm)

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