A Hands On Guide To Male Masturbators

A Hands On Guide To Male Masturbators

While toys for people with vulvas are becoming increasing mainstream, toys for people with penises have been slower to catch up, especially in the case of strokers and masturbators. In the same way that vibrators have given women the freedom and ability to experiment and experience different kinds of pleasure and stimulation, male masturbators offer the same chance to people with a penis.

Fortunately, there is an incredible, innovative and rapidly growing range of male masturbators on the market which can enrich your solo and coupled sex life in many ways. They can:

  • provide extra sensation and pleasure than a regular hand job due to the textures in the canal more effectively teasing and stimulating your nerve endings than your hand
  • potentially help you overcome death grip syndrome; they can assist with reversing a decline in sensitivity due to repeated masturbating the same way, allowing you to start to re-explore different ways of reaching climax
  • be used as a stamina training tool to help people who experience issues with premature ejaculation last longer and gain more control over their orgasms
  • help you practice and experience edging; a stop-and-start method of masturbating that can give you more explosive orgasms and also potentially help with premature ejaculation issues
  • simulate oral sex and different kinds of penetrative sex and with their soft, skin-like textures and features such as vibration, suction and thrusting movements
  • be used locally during couple’s play such as mutual masturbation and in the case of app-controlled masturbators, allow you to engage in remote play or synchronize the movements to your favourite porn videos


Here are some important things to consider when choosing the right masturbator for you


Size and Shape

From small, discreet pocket strokers to larger handheld models to more realistic, life-size replicas, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to size. Basic strokers are essentially sleeves with textured canals with one or more openings. Their size makes them portable, discreet and simple to use. Their soft, squishy shape also makes it easy for you to adjust the pressure as you go allowing you to find the most pleasurable level of firmness for you.

Hard cased models are often larger, can accommodate the entire length of your penis and do not require you to have a full erection to use. They are generally better at simulating penetrative and oral sex as they are often closed ended, providing a mild to moderate level of suction. They also come in a wide range of ridged and bumpy inner canal textures for greater stimulation and offer a range of different shaped sleeve openings, such as a mouth, vagina or anus to increase the visual appeal. Some are cast as an exact replica of famous porn performers genitals. The hard cased models can also feel more realistic as when you use them, you move the whole case, not just the sleeve. The casing is often discreet and helps protect the inner sleeve from contamination from lint and debris.

If you’re after something more lifelike, there are larger masturbators that offer you something substantial to hold on to and increase the realism. They range in size from models shaped like a pair of hips, butt and vagina to a whole torso to a full sized doll.


Manual vs powered vs interactive

Manual strokers are often cheaper than powered ones and while they have the advantage of being more compact and quieter, they require more effort on your part to use and offer a lower level of intensity than powered ones.

Powered masturbators generally tend to increase in functionality and price in accordance with the power source, typically from battery operated to rechargeable to mains power. While they are a more expensive option, they offer increased stimulation and realism through features such vibration, heating and movements such as thrusting, pulsating, rotating and stroking. Some higher end powered masturbators also come with interactive features which can enable you to synchronize the speed and type of movement with online media such as video or audio. Some app controlled and interconnected models allow them to be controlled remotely and even synchronize their movements with compatible paired devices, such as vibrators. These features can be extremely useful to keep the excitement and intimacy flowing in long distance relationships.



Most masturbators are made of either thermoplastic rubber such as TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or silicone. TPE toys are compatible with all types of lubricant and can effectively mimic the softness and suppleness of a vagina, mouth or anus. They are often cheaper, lighter, more elastic and retain warmth well. Due to the reactive and porous nature of these types of plastic, however, care must be taken when cleaning and storing these products. They can become easily soiled and retain fluids so it’s important to clean them thoroughly.

Silicone masturbators are often more expensive but they are generally more durable, easier to clean, maintain and store. They tend to hold their shape better than TPE and can offer more detailed features in the sleeve opening and canal. While silicone is generally a more rigid material in nature, there are some incredibly soft and elastic silicone models on the market. They are only compatible with water based lubricants but can be heat sterilized or played with in a hot shower or bath.


Getting started

The smooth slipperiness of a quality lubricant can greatly enhance your experience and comfort Lube reduces unwanted friction and without it, the inner canal can feel unpleasantly dry and irritate your skin. Lubricant will also enhance the sensation from the textures inside the canal and increase your sensitivity. Some masturbators can have a quite tight canal which can provides you with plenty of stimulation and suction but insertion can be tricky. In this case especially, lube will make using your new stroker much easier.

Before use, we recommend coating the whole inner channel and sleeve opening with a compatible lubricant (only use water-based lube with silicone toys!) then applying lube to the head and shaft of your penis. If over time you feel an uncomfortable level of friction or the lubricant becomes sticky, we recommend reapplying lube whenever necessary.


Cleaning, Maintenance and Storage

 Like all sex toys, the more care you take of them, the longer they’ll bring you pleasure for. When it comes to masturbators, it’s incredibly important to keep them clean, something which is much easier to do if you clean any lube or ejaculate as soon as possible after use. Open or dual ended strokers can be easier to flush out than those with closed canals. We recommend using a quality toy cleaner to ensure the toys are safe and hygienic. Using a cleaner also helps to preserve and protect the surface of the toy.

Periodically using a renewing powder can also help preserve the plastic, increase the lifespan of the toy as well as restoring it to its original softness and suppleness. Once the toy is completely dry, sprinkle a thin coating of the powder over the whole surface of the toy, including the canal and shake out the excess before you store it.

It's essential that you allow the toy to dry completely before storage to stop mould growing inside the canal. The best place to store your toys is somewhere safe and dry to protect them from dust and damage. If your toy is made or TPE or any other type of plastic than silicone, we strongly recommend that you store them in their original box or a zip lock or fabric bag separate from other toys as prolonged contact between jelly and rubber toys can cause them to warp or melt.

You can view our range of masturbators here. If you have any questions or need help selecting the right model for you, please call into the store or message us and our friendly team will be happy to help you