Bullet Vibrators: The most versatile toy you'll ever own!

Bullet Vibrators: The most versatile toy you'll ever own!

A small, simple bullet vibrator may seem unassuming but don’t underestimate these powerful and versatile toys! Our range of battery operated and rechargeable vibes are discreet, waterproof and feature a variety of vibration levels and patterns to help you mix it up during solo or couples play.

Bullets are a firm favourite for lots of women and people with vulvas for strong, focused clitoral stimulation while playing solo or to supercharge their orgasms during penetrative sex. Bullet vibes come in a range of sizes from tiny, purse sized ones perfect for spontaneous, anywhere pleasure to longer tapered bullets like the Ultra Bullet 6 that can be used for clitoral and vaginal stimulation. They’re compact, easy to use and quiet making them a great choice for beginners just starting to build their toy collection.

For couples play, the bullet vibe’s uses are limited only by your imagination. Use the tip of a bullet to focus the stimulation on your favourite sweet spot or turn it on the side to spread the buzzing sensation around. Grab a blindfold and explore your partner’s erogenous zones and you never know, you might just discover a new sweet spot! Some bullets also come with options for remotely controlling the toy like app controls or a handheld remote to allow you to engage in discreet public or long distance play.

Either gentle or intense, the feeling of a bullet on places like the nipples, inner thigh, neck or perineum is sure to tease and delight. Slip one between your bodies during sex to provide extra stimulation or try one in conjunction with a strap on harness or cock ring.

Check out our range today here and start exploring!