Ignite Your Senses: Exploring Sensory Play

Ignite Your Senses: Exploring Sensory Play

When it comes to pleasure, desire and arousal, there are few better ways to heighten anticipation and excitement than evoking you and your partner's senses during foreplay.

From the magic of massage, to the sweet temptation of decadent tastes and scents, to the intense delights of temperature and impact play, you’re limited only by your imagination in how you can engage your senses to enhance you and your partner's enjoyment and build intimacy.

Here are some ideas you and your partner can use to explore sensory play.

Magical massage

Massaging your partner is a great way to build intimacy and anticipation while exploring your partner’s body. Massage oil is a favourite choice for some while massage candles are another great option. They’re made from low heat waxes such as soy and coconut so they nourish your skin plus they smell divine and help to add to the sensual atmosphere. Simply let the candle burn for at least 30 minutes then pour the wax onto your partner’s skin from a height of 50cm or more, avoiding delicate skin and genitals, then massage in.

For those lovers of deep, rumbly vibration, you can’t go past a massage wand. They're perfect for Le Wand massagers offer the ultimate in deeply penetrative pleasure while the Nalone Rock with it’s bunny ears attachment is both powerful and versatile.

The climate for climax

Introducing a cooling or warming sensation on or in the body is another great way to evoke strong, pleasurable sensations. The heat can be heavenly from wax, warming massage glides such System Jo Warm Embrace or a heating toy like the Satisfyer Hot Lover. On the other hand, an ice cube on the skin or in the mouth is one option but we also have a range of cooling lubes like Wicked Aqua Chill and stimulating gels like Swiss Navy Sensual Arousal Gel that provide an amazing slippery, shivery sensation.

Tasty temptations

The range of flavours in lubricants, gels and drops has certainly evolved from the old favourite, strawberry lube. We stock a great range of flavoured lubes from System Jo including Salted Caramel, White Chocolate and Raspberry Truffle, Cherry Burst and more. We also have a great range of deliciously flavoured edible hand job creams as well as oral sex drops that not only taste great but provide an amazing tingling feeling to both of you.

A touch of pleasure and pain

Treading that fine line between pleasure and pain is a great way to build sexual tension, increase intimacy and take your play to a whole new level. Tickling, teasing and light tapping with the a crop or gently sliding the tails of a flogger over the skin is a great place to start. For those looking for something more intense, we stock a wide range of paddles, floggers and crops that can be used to tease or to torment. A Wartenberg wheel like the Scandal Pleasure Wheel is another way to explore sensation play. You can use it all over the body, lightly for a tingly, tickly sensation or add pressure for a deeper, spikier sensation.

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