Mind Blowing Magic With Wand Vibrators

Mind Blowing Magic With Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators, also known as magic wands or massage wands are a much loved type of vibrator designed for external use. Originally marketed as a general body massager for sore muscles, women in the 1970s began to explore alternative uses for the wand massager and over time, they have become one of the most popular types of clitoral toys on the market.

Wand vibrators typically comprise of a long handle topped by a rounded head that, when pressed onto the skin, can deliver targeted and direct stimulation over a wide area. The motor inside the head of the wand offers a strong, low frequency vibration. When used on the clitoris, wands are able to excite the nerves deeply in and around the whole vulval region and are particularly effective at helping women who experience difficulty become able to reach orgasm. If you’re searching for a toy that will make you squirt, a wand vibrator is a great option. Compared to clitoral stimulation from bullet and rabbit style toys, wands offer a less buzzy and more rumbly sensation. The difference between high and low frequency vibration is like the difference between treble and bass; lower frequency vibrations are felt deeper throughout the body.

Wands can vary greatly in size, shape, features and power. Small, rechargeable pocket wands are discreet yet powerful and their compact size makes them easy to maneuver or use in conjunction with other toys. Mid-sized wands offer greater power and deeper, rumblier vibration over a greater surface area while still being quiet and discreet. Full sized wands, either rechargeable or mains powered are formidable devices; they are incredibly powerful with a larger motor providing deeply penetrating vibration for an intensely satisfying sensation.

Wands are also among the most versatile toys around. While they’re not designed for penetrative use, they can be used to stimulate erogenous areas all over the body such as the nipples, penis and perineum. If you’re playing with a dildo, you can try holding a wand on the base of it to feel the vibration travel though the whole toy. Especially in the case of more compact models, you can easily hold a wand vibrator on the clitoris during penetrative sex for extra stimulation. They’re also really handy as a head to toe massager for sore and aching muscles or to give your partner a sensual and relaxing massage during foreplay.

Wand vibrators are simple to use and offer various levels of intensity plus some have different pulsating patterns of vibration. Some models have an insertable handle for G spot stimulation. Many models of wand vibrator have attachments that slip over the head of the wand to increase their versatility and function. There are curved G spot insertable attachments available for some types of wands as well as other external clitoral attachments such as bunny ears, brushes and pointed tips to give you a wider range of sensations.

Selecting a wand

It’s worth considering how intense a level of vibration you think you’d enjoy. While all wands offer multiple levels of intensity, it’s important to note that full sized wands offer some of the most intense stimulation of all adult toys. Some people find them too powerful even on the lowest settings whereas others find that the intense, low frequency of wands are the only way they can reach orgasm.

It’s important to check if a wand is waterproof; mains powered wands generally aren’t and require extra care during use to keep them dry from bodily fluids. Mains powered wands typically come with long cords which can get in the way and require you to be within range of a power point. Despite these drawbacks, mains powered wands are durable, long lasting and intensely satisfying toys. If you are interested in trying different attachments with your wand, it’s important to check what models have compatible attachments available.

Wand Care and Cleaning

Wand vibrators can be used in conjunction with lubricant to reduce friction and enhance the sensation. Most wand vibrators have silicone heads so we recommend using a quality water based lubricant and avoiding silicone based products as they will degrade the finish of the wand. Some models are compatible with use with massage oils but we advise checking the manufacturer’s instructions before using a wand with oil based products.

It’s vital for hygiene and safety reasons as well as the longevity of the wand to clean off any residual bodily fluids or lubricant after use. How you clean your wand depends on the product and we suggest following the manufacturer’s instruction for cleaning. Mains powered wands typically require extra care when cleaning and some models have removable heads for ease of cleaning

Generally speaking, cleaning a wand vibrator involves wiping down the surface of the wand and carefully applying toy cleaner to kill any remaining bacteria and keep the silicone coating in top condition. You can then leave the toy to air dry before storage or dry it off with a clean, lint free cloth. When clean and dry, wand vibrators should be safely stored in a lint free bag, case or in their original packaging.

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