Romantic to Raunchy: Toys to Revamp Your Sex Life

Romantic to Raunchy: Toys to Revamp Your Sex Life

Have you and your partner found that the excitement and sense of adventure in your sex life has faded over time? Adding toys to foreplay and sex can help spice things up and allow both of you to explore new ways of pleasuring each other. Using toys can also enhance arousal, help build or restore intimacy and passion and provide that extra stimulation to maximise your mutual satisfaction. One reason for this is that toys can offer more exciting and intense sensations though features such as vibration, texture and movement than is possible merely with tongues, fingers and genitals.

Choosing a new toy for you and your partner to try can be tricky given that there are so many products out there. Here are some of our top picks to help you get started:

Couple’s Vibrators:

Couple’s vibrators are toys designed to be worn internally providing stimulation to both of you. Most couple’s vibes are wearable, U shaped toys with a slim, flat arm which sits snugly against the vaginal wall to simultaneously provide G spot and penile stimulation during penetrative sex. The other larger arm sits externally between the labia and provides additional clitoral stimulation to help supercharge her orgasms. Some models come with remote controls and variations include butt plugs such as the Cocktail plug which has a slim G spot extension which can offer anal, vaginal and penile stimulation during sex.

Vibrating Cock Rings:

Vibrating cock rings are another way to give both of you some extra stimulation during sex. The ring itself can give people with penises extra stamina and hardness by slowing the flow of blood out of the erectile tissue. A small, low profile vibrator sits above the base of the penis offering stimulation along the shaft as well as stimulation for your partner during sex. Like couple’s vibrators, they have the benefit of being hands free and simple to use.

Bullets and Finger Vibes:

Small, powerful and easy to maneuver, these types of toys can blend seamlessly with touch, allowing you to explore each other’s bodies and stimulate each other manually. They can help provide some extra intensity during foreplay or can be held in place during sex for extra clitoral stimulation.

Remote controlled and app controlled toys:

Toys that can be controlled remotely are a great option for couples looking to try something new and exciting. Small and quiet, remote controlled toys like eggs and panty vibrators can be used in private or while you’re out and about for some discreet mischief. App controlled toys are great for couples in a long distance relationship plus they offer extra customization and fun features like syncing vibration to your voice or to music.

Light bondage and kink:

There’s a very good reason why Fifty Shades of Grey caused such a buzz; dipping your toes into some light BDSM is a fantastic option for those looking to enhance intimacy and dial up the physical and emotional intensity in the relationship. Gentle restraints such as cuffs, blindfolds, gags, under bed restraints and tethers allow you to explore the exciting world of power exchange. Toys such as floggers and paddles can help you both explore that surprisingly fine line between pleasure and pain.

Massage and sensory play:

Engaging your partner’s senses through sensory play is another fantastic way to make your play more intimate. Massage oils and candles can help you both feel relaxed and help you get into the mood while allowing you to harness the heady sensations of touch and smell. Drip candles and body paint give you the opportunity to engage in some creative and intimate foreplay while flavoured lubes, hand job and arousal gels can make foreplay and sex even more delectable.

Sleeves and strap on play:

There is a huge range of products on the market that allow people of all genders to explore strap on play. We stock strap on harnesses along with a wide range of high quality silicone dildos that are compatible with harnesses and available in a range of sizes and shapes. For people with penises, we have sleeves, sheaths and hollow strap on dildos that allow you and your partner to experiment with extra length and girth.

You can view our range of couple's toys and products here.