Supercharge Your Sensation With Arousal Gels and Oils

Supercharge Your Sensation With Arousal Gels and Oils

Arousal gels and oils are a great way to increase sensation and intensify your pleasure during solo play, foreplay and partnered sex. Designed for topical use on the clitoris, clitoral hood and/or vulva, they work to heighten sensitivity and amplify sensation by stimulating blood flow, arousal responses and natural lubrication. They're also great to use with clitoral toys to give your sensation and stimulation an extra boost.

Most arousal gels and oils use botanical ingredients such as menthol, capsaicin, cinnamon, peppermint or rosemary oil to produce a buzzing, warming and/or cooling effect which is often enhanced by friction or movement. They also come in a range of intensity levels for those who prefer stronger or milder sensations.

Warming products such as produce a gentle heating effect that is great for enhancing blood flow to the clitoris which in turn increases sensitivity and sensation. The intensity of these products generally increases with friction.

Cooling products provide a thrilling, tingling effect and are particularly good for increasing touch sensitivity. For an extra boost, gently blow air onto the clitoris after application as air flow can intensify the sensation.

For those not keen on a warming or cooling sensation, there are products such as System JO 12 Volt and Sensuva For Her Hemp which have earned a reputation as a “liquid vibrator” due to the amazing, buzzing sensation they invoke.

Flavoured arousal gels are great for adding extra oral pleasure to couples play.

When selecting an arousal gel or oil, it’s important to consider not only the kind of effect that’s right for you but also the strength of the formula as well as the base; water based gels are fine for use with all toys and condoms but aren’t suitable for use in the shower and oil based products are not compatible for use with latex condoms. 

Silicone based gels should be used with caution with silicone toys as silicone on silicone has the potential to degrade the toy’s coating over time. We recommend using condoms on toys where possible and performing a patch test on toys before use; if the surface of the toy swells up or gets gummy and sticky, it’s best to discontinue use. It’s important to remember to clean the toy thoroughly with a quality toy cleaner immediately after each use.

When using an arousal gel, we strongly recommend starting out with a very small amount of gel or oil and increasing over uses if necessary to find the perfect level of intensity for you. It's worth keeping in mind that oils tend to be more concentrated than gels. Fortunately most arousal gels and oils come in a pump or eyedropper style bottle to help you get the right amount each time.

The sensation often isn't immediate after application; it can take up to 5 minutes to build up to the full effect. Arousal gels can last for up to 45 minutes and you can reapply when required or desired. 

It’s also important to note that arousal gels are designed for external use and while the gels can increase your natural lubrication, they are not a lubricating product in themselves. We recommend using arousal gels in conjunction with a quality water or silicone based lubricant.