Titillating Tips For Nipple Play

Titillating Tips For Nipple Play

Big or small, perky or saggy, breasts are both beautiful and useful. Sadly, they’re often neglected or overlooked as potential sources of incredible pleasure. In fact, in the case of a lucky few women, nipple stimulation can even be a way to reach orgasm!

No matter what your gender is, each of your nipples contains hundreds of nerve endings that are wired directly to the same part of your brain as your penis or clitoris. As a result, when you stimulate your nipples and excite their nerve endings it can result in an increase of sexual arousal and pleasure.

The type and intensity of stimulation that feels good can vary greatly from person to person. If you’ve never really explored nipple play to find what feels good for you, don't know where to start or you have found that their nipples aren’t quite as sensitive as they could be, we have a range of products that can help.

To enhance sensation and reduce friction, saliva is great but a touch of your favourite water based or silicone lube gives you even more of that amazing slick, slippery feeling. Try a flavoured lube to make them taste extra sweet or a small amount of a stimulating lube for an added tingle.

Nipple pumps or suckers can be used to draw blood into the nipple, making them firm, erect and stimulated. The extra blood flow from the gentle vacuum effect they create can do wonders for increasing sensitivity. They are easy to use with the added bonus of being comfortable to leave on during sex for constant and consistent stimulation.

Clamps are another great nipple play option to explore. Best applied to erect nipples, clamps restrict blood to the nipples and make them super sensitive. When removed after a maximum of 10 minutes, the blood rushes back creating a thrilling, throbbing sensation. 

Many clitoral air and suction toys can fit perfectly over nipples and provide incredible stimulation. Bullet vibes can give a delightful buzzy sensation while compact wand vibrators offer that deeper, rumbly vibration to send those nerve endings wild!

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