What's Your Stimulation Style?

What's Your Stimulation Style?

When it comes to clitoral stimulation, we all have different preferences for the type and intensity of sensation that feels just right and helps us reach that “Big O”. What stimulation we like can vary also depending on our mood, our level of arousal and whether we’re playing solo or with a partner.

If you’re not sure what type of stimulation works for you, the best way to figure out what works for you is simply through trial and error. By trying different sensations at different levels of intensity and then noticing how your body responds, you can figure out what toys or techniques will help you reach orgasm quickly, which ones will get you there with a slow and gradual build-up and which ones are too weak or too intense.

Location is important too as the clitoris is much bigger than most people realise. The external parts, the clitoral glans and hood, are like the top of a wishbone with the bulbs and crus like long legs that stretch down and inwards towards the vaginal opening. These hidden parts of the clitoris can be indirectly stimulated through vaginal penetration, vibration and friction.

Densely packed with thousands of nerve endings, the only purpose of the clitoris is to bring you pleasure and it’s an untapped source of satisfaction and enjoyment for many people with vulvas. If you’re curious about trying new toys and techniques for clitoral stimulation, we’ve come up with a short list of some different styles of stimulation to get you started.

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Light and delicate

Some people find anything more than very mild stimulation too intense and uncomfortable, you may find that especially when you’re aroused, your clitoris becomes much more sensitive. Try massaging around the labia near the clitoral hood with lubricated fingers. You could also try gently stroking a bullet, G-Spot or dildo style vibe on low speed over the pubic mound, vulva or internally though the vagina. Finger vibes are also a great option for gentle, less intense stimulation and can be used by yourself or by your partner.


Flickery and tickly

Toys with soft tongue or bunny ear style attachments are designed to mimic oral stimulation. These kinds of clitoral stimulators can be found in many rabbit style vibrators and they are also available as attachments for massage wands. There are also toys such as bullets available specifically for this purpose with flickering tips powered by variable levels of vibration. They can be used on the clitoral hood or glans directly or you can try using them on other erogenous areas such as your vulva, vaginal opening or even nipples.


Buzzy and tingly

Bullet vibrators are a firm favourite for many women due to their versatility, power and compact size. They generally feature smaller motors which offer a higher frequency, buzzy sensations of variable intensity levels which do an excellent job of stimulating the nerves. Bullets come in a variety of lengths and girths and offer a variety of rolling, pulsing and escalating patterns. You can use the tip directly or lay it on its side for a more diffused sensation. Rechargeable bullets generally run for a long time off a single charge and are perfect if you’re after something quiet and discreet.


Precise and direct

If you are after pinpoint precision, it’s worthwhile considering a tip vibrator. They have a long, flexible, tapered tip which allows you to get right up under the clitoral hood for direct stimulation. While some people find the directness too intense, many women find that they need the spot on stimulation these toys offer. Tip extensions are also available for some bullet and wand vibrators.


Hands free or lay on

Hands free and lay on vibrators are a great option for people who really enjoy grinding motions. The pressure and movement on the vulva can offer indirect and constant stimulation that can be felt internally as well as externally. You don’t even need to take your underwear off to try this kind of stimulation. Lay on vibrators are designed to give you hands free stimulation but you can also rub and grind with many other kinds of toys such as G-Spot and wand vibrators. If you enjoy grinding, you could also get your partner to wear a vibrating ring during penetrative sex or attach one to your favourite suction cup dildo for dual internal and external stimulation.


Air pulse and suction

Air pulse and suction toys are one of the newer types clitoral stimulators on the market and they have become incredibly popular. Most air pulse toys have a rounded head that you apply directly to the clitoris. Inside the rounded head is a hollow indent with a thin membrane inside which pushes pulses of air outwards onto the clitoris. Some air pulse stimulators also feature suction or vibration to add a little extra stimulation. One of the best things about air pulse toys is that they offer a very wide range of intensity levels and patterns meaning just about everyone can find a power level that they will enjoy.


Intense and rumbly

Deep and rumbly vibrators lie the far end of the vibration spectrum. The low frequency of the vibrations from these toys mean the powerful sensations they provide penetrate further and more deeply into your body.  Wand massagers are the leaders of the pack when it comes to deep, rumbly stimulation. Wands are available in many sizes from small pocket styles to full sized, mains powered models. Rabbit and tip attachment heads are also available for many different wands offering you more options in how you use your wand.